Chris Emdin on STEM, STEAM, Make Dream

Key Points

  • We have to redefine academic success, academic excellence and the word rigor.

  • You want the child to feel like their inquisitive nature is a part of who they are and who their family has been. 

stem steam make dream

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On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Shawnee Caruthers is joined by the one and only Chris Emdin, founder of HipHopEd where he is the colleague of our former guest Timothy Jones. Chris was also the Multicultural Educator of the Year award recipient and is the author of books like For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood… and the Rest of Y’all Too, Ratchetdemic, and most recently, STEM, STEAM, Make Dream.

Let’s listen in as Chris and Shawnee discuss Rigor, a new definition of PTSD, STEM education, “ratchet” and much more. 


A kid can smell a sucker from a while way […] they will refuse to learn from you if you aren’t being your authentic self.

Chris Emdin


One voice that helped shape your thinking

Two insights for edleaders

  • Leadership is more about service than what you think leadership is.
  • You can’t lead teachers if they don’t see you in the classroom.

One additional insight 

  • Teaching is a performance art. 

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