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This podcast highlights developing trends in K-12 education, postsecondary and lifelong learning. Each week, Getting Smart team members interview students, leading authors, experts and practitioners in research, tech, entrepreneurship and leadership to bring listeners innovative and actionable strategies in education leadership.

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How We Increased Teachers’ Data Use Without Data Overload

By: Debbie Clark and Stephanie Williamson. The problem is not that schools aren’t collecting enough information about student performance. It’s that teachers have too much data. It’s overwhelming for them. They don’t know what data points to focus on—and they don’t have time to be combing through massive amounts of data to figure out what students need.

Personalized Learning

Practical Ways to bring SEL into the Classroom

Toward the end of the past school year, I noticed some changes in student behavior. There was a decrease in student engagement, and especially while I responded to the question of a student seated close to me, students around the room became distracted or stopped listening.


Easy Ideas for Pleasant Holiday PD

Some educators find the thought of professional development during holidays anathema, while others enjoy finding a quiet meditative moment to explore new ideas. Creativity tends to strike when we are in the shower or on a quiet walk, and holidays can provide this brain space.