Smart Parents

We spend a lot of our time creating and sharing resources for educators and parents (who are often one and the same audience). Time and time again, we observe that families are left out of the equation when it comes to determining the primary audience for education reports, papers and articles—even though they are among the hungriest for informed opinions that can help them. Smart Parents is a blog series for parents, by parents who are navigating educational opportunities + making powerful decisions for and with their students. Learn more in Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning.


How to Reduce Barriers to Family Engagement

In a recent survey, 18,000+ parents and guardians were asked to share more about their barriers to engaging with their child’s school. Here are the most common barriers nationwide, and potential next steps for addressing these challenges.

Early Learning

Four Ways Adults Can Support Child Literacy

By: Mitch Center. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, uncle, mentor or even an older sibling, you have the opportunity—and responsibility—to help the kids around you fall in love with books. Here's how.