Show What You Know

Our traditional system of measuring and credentialing learning, which we have relied on for over 100 years, can no longer adjust quickly enough to continue preparing our students for success in a world quickly changing as a result of technologies like AI. Traditionally underserved students are likely to suffer the worst from this shift.

Competency-based school models take advantage of new tools and strategies to enable students to learn at their own pace, any time, and everywhere, and if designed with a focus on equity they hold great promise for improving learning for all students. The shift from marking time to ‘show what you know’ and ‘move on when ready’ will take a generation to become widespread, but it has the potential to better prepare more young people for the innovation economy. This series explores where we’re at in (and ways to accelerate) this shift.

Competency-Based Education

40 Competency-Based Education Publications and Resources

We've been hard at work researching the landscape of competency-based education (CBE). The resources highlighted in this post contain valuable, thought-provoking ideas that are helpful in understanding what CBE is, how to communicate about it, and how to plan for it.

Competency-Based Education

How IMS is Leading on Interoperability and Credentialing

Plumbing--you don’t think about it, but can’t imagine life without it. In education, data is now the plumbing, and IMS Global Learning Consortium is the leading standards-setting body. Here, we look at some big announcements from a recent event they hosted.

Competency-Based Education

Rethinking the High School Credential

Most American youth don’t get what they need from high school. There are lots of reasons, but two root problems are how we’ve defined the finish line and how we communicate success. Here, we look at the current high school credentialing system and the questions we think need to be answered to drive progress.

Competency-Based Education

Credentialing America: How Impact Investing Can Help

For individuals, the right kind of education can boost employability. For communities, educational attainment correlates with better social, economic and personal outcomes for citizens. How can we spread access to high-quality credentials?