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What CTE “Gets,” What CTE Needs To “Get” More

Education as a whole can learn a great deal from the successes of many CTE programs. However, CTE cannot operate in isolation, and needs to learn from the best of transformative education outside of its standard practices. Mutual benefits await.

Project-Based Learning

Training Today’s Learners To Be The Hired Guns Of Tomorrow

Our students will need to continually learn about and apply current developments in technology, global collaboration, market opportunities and emerging industries to win in this new economy. How do we give students both the mindset and the skillset to not only survive, but to thrive?

Project-Based Learning

How to Create & Cultivate a PBL Culture

Transitioning to a more project-based pedagogy can be challenging and overwhelming, but there is one simple factor in particular that will affect your success: culture. Learn more about how to build a PBL culture here.

Project-Based Learning

The 5 Core Components of K-12 Entrepreneurship Education

Today's students need their curriculum and instruction - or rather their learning experiences and performance opportunities - to allow for ideation, virtual global collaboration, design thinking, transdisciplinary practices, adaptive thinking, and cross-cultural competencies.

Project-Based Learning

Real-Life Examples of Design Thinking in the Classroom

Design thinking centers on a pedagogy aimed at creating and facilitating future innovators and breakthrough thinkers. It is about creating creative and collaborative workflows engineered to tackle big projects and prototyping to discover new solutions.