Roadtrip Nation Releases Deeper Learning Report

In 2001, three college buddies decided that they would embark on a roadtrip to as they would say, ”find their places in the world”. This trip then turned into interviewing interesting people across the country, which eventually became a TV series, documentary film and a book.

Roadtrip Nation launched into the education field in 2008 as a school-based program for students to “define their own roads in life”. To date, over 100,000 students from over 1,800 schools across 22 states have participated in the Roadtrip Nation Experience.

Initially the idea was to expose students to role models and experiential-learning programs. It has turned out to promote self-efficacy, boosting confidence in teachers and students. There is a non-cognitive factor in success. Results have shown that students GPA’s increase at twice the rate of students who do not participate in the program, as well as the students relaying that they feel empowered, motivated and engaged.

The Roadtrip Nation Program is covering keys portions of the Common Core Standards including English and Language Arts, not only proving to be an important aspect of social growth of the students but preparing them for academic success. The curriculum is currently being preparing for a big revamp to include deeper actions for the “next steps” and goal-setting part of the curriculum.

To show that deeper learning has occurred over the several years of the programs existence, Roadtrip Nation with support by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation released Journey Toward Deeper Learning: An Evaluation of the Roadtrip Nation Experience. This deep dive evaluates their high school program and implementation in three San Jose Unified School District PLUS Academies during 2011-2012.

It is fascinating to read of the success stories and turnaround with many students after participating in the Roadtrip Nation course. Take a look at report of how this experimental model of learning is positively impacting high schoolers in real time and preparing them for their futures.

To download the full report, click here.


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