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Preparing All Learners for an Uncertain Future of Work

By: Katherine Prince. It is unknown what the emerging future of work will look like, making it even more critical that we help young people and education and employment stakeholders plan for multiple possible futures. Take a look at KnowledgeWorks' new foundation for readiness.

Post-Secondary Preparation Through Guidance and Advisement

By: Kiara Lewis. We all play a role in student success, meaning parents, teachers, counselors, advisors, and even peers. This factor alone is a key motivator of why advisory is so important and why it should be a priority in our schools. The methods we use to guide and advise our students are like puzzle pieces to their now and their future.

The State of Educational Interoperability in 2019 and Beyond

By: George Perreault. A former director of instructional technology for Orange County Public Schools highlights the challenges that schools and districts face—and offers a clear way forward.

The Year of Thinking Forward

By: Robin Lake. Thinking Forward imagines a future where school systems push those principles to a new level, creating more of the conditions for cities to realize students’ untapped potential and prepare them to solve the challenges of the future.

How Formative Assessment Transforms the Classroom, From Culture to Lesson Plans

By: Brea Lewis and Michelle Berkeley. The How I Know project has assisted 60 teachers in integrating formative assessment practice into their classrooms. In this post, Dallas teacher Brea Lewis shares how formative assessment practice has positively impacted her students' learning.

Creating a More Inclusive School Community Starts With Intentional Support for Teachers

By: Nichelle Bowes, Ed.D. Once we build the pathways into teaching, we have to think about how to best support our aspiring and veteran educators to successfully support each of their students. Nichelle Bowes offers a few lessons she has learned through her career.

How Educators Can Help Close a Looming Crisis

By: Christine McDonnell. How can educators help stem the looming tech skills gap crisis? By tackling this issue starting at the foundation, i.e, teaching elementary and middle school students the valuable skills of computer science, educators can help create the next generation of skilled workers ready to tackle the new technological breakthroughs.