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Project-Based Learning

PBL World Educators Focus on Process

PBL World is a community of dedicated educators from around the world coming together, creating and growing a path forward for themselves and ultimately the students they serve. Here, we look at some of the key takeaways from this year's conference.

Project-Based Learning

The Purposes of High Quality PBL

Students in classrooms today need to know how to manage projects, but there are a number of other important purposes that PBL can fulfill. Here, I explore those purposes in more detail.

SEL & Mindset

Superlatives in Innovative High Schools

"Best Hair." "Best Couple." "Most Popular." Are these the best traits that innovative high schools can teach their students to value? In this post, I look at a few options that encourage grit, persistence and integrity, among other 21st-century skills.

Future of Learning

What Educators Can Learn from SpaceX

As I explored SpaceX, the following idea kept entering my mind: Students—ALL students—deserve, need and want to work on real-world challenges and complex problems. Here are three ways educators can start to make that happen.


An Innovative K-8 Human-Centered Approach at Design39

While the Design39 facility renders many speechless, the teaching and learning that take place at “D39” leave visitors feeling inspired and more motivated than ever to create empowering learning experiences for students. Read more in our detailed account here.