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Future of Learning

What Educators Can Learn from SpaceX

As I explored SpaceX, the following idea kept entering my mind: Students—ALL students—deserve, need and want to work on real-world challenges and complex problems. Here are three ways educators can start to make that happen.


An Innovative K-8 Human-Centered Approach at Design39

While the Design39 facility renders many speechless, the teaching and learning that take place at “D39” leave visitors feeling inspired and more motivated than ever to create empowering learning experiences for students. Read more in our detailed account here.


Professional Learning: The Power of School Visits

School visits can be a powerful part of a professional learning plan and a critical part of a school transformation effort. Here are five specific reasons we feel school visits are a must-have item for community leader and school member participation.


The Need for a High Quality PBL Framework

PBL is increasingly recognized as a powerful instructional practice, and there is a growing need for guidance and support in its facilitation. Learn more about how education leaders worldwide are working to design and craft a Model for High-Quality PBL.

Project-Based Learning

Scheduling for Learning, Not Convenience

By: Emily Liebtag and Mary Ryerse. When it comes to secondary school scheduling, there are many options. Which schedule is best? It depends what you’re trying to accomplish. Here, we look at a number of approaches and examples.

Schools Worth Visiting

Language Learning Engages Houston Students

I recently had the chance to visit Herrera Elementary School and Mandarin Immersion Magnet School in the Houston Independent School District. Here, I share a brief outline of what I saw along with a number of photos.

Schools Worth Visiting

Kepner Keeps True to the Innovation Model

Kepner Beacon Middle School is in its inaugural year, but it has already developed an impressive program. Here, I share some photos that outline what I saw in my recent visit to the school.