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Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School. Follow her on twitter at @tedrosececi.

FLVS Global School Expanding STEM Options and More

I had the chance to talk to FLVS Global School principal, Matt Vangalis, this week. Matt has worked with FLVS for 14 years- with the first bulk of them as a math teacher and then moving on to act as District Relations Manager. This is his first year as principal at FLVS Global School.

New Play-i Robots bring Code to Life for All Students

Students that begin to code at a young age to create real products and build on those skills as they develop will not be afraid to take on computer science a core curriculum subject as the continue their education journey through high school, college and beyond.

Next-Gen Teacher Prep: WGU Now Leading STEM Provider

Compared to traditional programs, WGU is unusually flexible and adaptable to state, district or network needs. WGU has created a database of “standards” or statements for which each program can be aligned and build out instruction in various models to ensure students are getting what they need to be licensed according to what the state, district or network needs.

Digital Learning – Giving Students Choice – It’s Not Too Late

In a time when so much is happening and it's increasingly difficult to stay informed on all the development in the realm of digital learning, it's really such a fortunate opportunity to listen in while four experts in this field engage, define and analyze what is happening in the space right now.

Global Digital Statistics 2014- The Numbers Are Up

The report was necessarily not published through the lens of how it will end up affecting today's students, but we would love to hear your thoughts on these findings and what they mean for the future of education.

Florida Virtual School Prepares Online Teachers with New Course

This new course will first be offered to current FLVS teachers but, by summer, will also open to the public. The students will have a choice to be online certified through Post University or be Florida Virtual certified.

Class Messenger Provides Next-Gen Classroom Communication

Teachers put a lot of effort into tweeting, blogging, email etc. but like TV advertising…have no idea if it’s working. We’re making our big push in 2014 to start changing that by giving them the data on their communication.