Schools Worth Visiting

For many years (at least until 2020), we visited about 100 innovative schools a year. It’s the most important form of professional learning we do for ourselves and for the educators that accompany us. It’s how we create and update a shared vision of powerful learning.  This page features some…

Personalized Learning

iLead: Student-Centered, Career Focused, Accelerated Learning

iLead Academy is preparing students to succeed in an increasingly project-based, global economy. Tom recently visited iLead to learn why it's successful, what obstacles they've overcome and what advice they have for others looking to start a new school.

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Future of Learning

Podcast: Tony Wagner on Learning By Heart

This week on the podcast, Tony Wagner is joining Tom Vander Ark to speak about his most recent book and all that he has learned throughout his career in education.

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Balancing Improvement and Innovation

Tom looks back at his years as a Superintendent and how new technology and innovations affected the district, how focusing on innovating and improving can dramatically improve learning and common innovation obstacles.

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