LRNG & John Legend Are Spreading Access to Quality Education

Every father wants their daughters and sons to learn and explore and be empowered in school. I’m happy to work with teachers who enable kids to do just that.”  – John Legend

LRNG is “closing the equity gap by transforming how young people access and experience learning, and the paths they take to success.” Through their Innovators program, LRNG is supporting teachers as they reshape the learning process, helping the students of today be better prepared for the world of tomorrow. This month, we are celebrating innovative learning and education through a rollout of the new Brightspot videos, each featuring an LRNG Innovators teacher-led program that creatively sparked passion and excitement for learning in their students.

LRNG Innovators strives to empower a redesign of the learning process by making it more relevant to students, by encouraging connected and creative learning for students, and by awarding grants to educator teams. These programs use project-based learning to bring students’ interests into their education. “We know that all young people can learn and achieve when given the opportunity to pursue their interest,” said co-founder John Legend. The LRNG Innovators grant is giving young people a chance to engage in their education while living creatively.

Last week, LRNG Innovators rolled out their new Brightspot videos, each highlighting an LRNG Innovators teacher-led program designed to ignite excitement for creative student learning.

The LRNG Innovators videos below each highlight a different program and how it sparked engagement and passion for students.

Las Cruces, New Mexico: Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a creative writing, self-expression and mindfulness program for High School Students held at New Mexico State University – Las Cruces. The program allows students to think about how they are making their mark on the world and gives them the opportunity to learn how to understand themselves and their identity. Through this program, students are able to experience embracing creativity as they improve their writing skills. They get the opportunity to focus on the process, not just the end product as they harness their own creative voices with the support of mentors and guest artists.


Indianapolis, Indiana: Creating with Confidence

This program, Creating with Confidence, based out of Warren Central High School, aims to challenge students to develop a project that will bring their community closer together using design-thinking. The students get to see what they have learned in the classroom be applied in real-life as they work with professional artists. Through Creating with Confidence students get to engage in their community as they create a public art project and learn what it is like to work as a creative professional.

Brooklyn, New York: Playable Fashion

At Brooklyn Academy of Innovative Technology, Playable Fashion started as an after-school program, driven by a love of video games and fashion, and ended up combining technical design and game literacy to produce real-world products. This program has allowed students to create their own games with wearable game controllers that they designed. Through this program, these students are developing the skills they need to become the makers of the things they love. Playable Fashion is STEAM learning and is giving students the opportunity to explore different career possibilities with the knowledge this program has to offer.

By empowering teachers, we can help level the playing field for every student. Our team is excited to help shine a light on devoted, innovative educators around the country. Join the conversation using #RedesignLRNG.

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