CottageClass Expanding Access to Microschools and Learning Experiences


Manisha Snoyer was founder and head teacher of Act French, a foreign language school for adults focused on using acting games to teach French and offering theater classes in French to native Francophones and English speakers. The experience allowed her to combine her passion for acting, French language and teaching. It also taught her how to market and manage learning experiences.

Two years ago, Manisha participated in a fellowship at 4.0 Schools where she learned more about the growing microschool movement. She created CottageClass to help other teachers to launch full and part time learning experiences.

CottageClass is a community marketplace for PreK-12th grade learning powered by what Snoyer calls “teacherpreneurs.” CottageClass offers these teachers the opportunity to develop and operate small schools, extracurricular enrichment, summer camps and other community-based programs for children ages 0-18. Eight examples are shown below.

CottageClass (@CottageClass) is supporting 10 new microschools in Brooklyn and plans to launch 100 more by fall. Supported learning experiences are vetted by quality, community need and safety.

Manisha hired a CTO and Gunther Chanage as director of product and Daniel Kramarsky to lead operations and the teacher community as COO.

Ten percent of CottageClass profits will go to expanding access to quality prek-12 education.

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