Getting Smart on Social Media

Getting Smart on Social Media
Authored by Caroline Vander Ark, Jennifer Aalgaard, Megan Mead & Jessica Slusser
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In partnership with: Getting Smart Services
Advances in technology have changed the communication world as we know it. Traditional communication efforts are often being replaced by the use of new media and social media. Facebook and Twitter have provided the opportunity to reach a wide-audience quickly with differentiated messages tailored to a particular platform. Today’s social media channels are also creating opportunities for two-way communication. This interactive communication is allowing schools, districts and companies to reach their audiences and have meaningful communication online. As “Getting Smart on Social Media” suggests, there are incredible benefits to social media, if you use it right. “Getting Smart on Social Media” is a guide to help you use all the social media channels effectively and strategically. You will learn how to:

  • Use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn like a pro.
  • Effectively, strategically, and easily use these channels to reach targeted audiences in new and meaningful ways.
  • Amplify your impact as a teacher, school leader, or edupreneur through the integration and application of social media tools.

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This Smart Bundle was published in partnership with Getting Smart Services. Getting Smart Services provides advocacy, advisory, consulting and public relations services to turn ideas into impact. We help for-profit and non-profit organizations construct cohesive and forward-thinking strategies for branding, awareness, advancement and communications.

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