EdTech Women Dine at ISTE 13

Edtech is booming and we are so lucky to be living in this exciting time of change. It happens to be an exceptionally exciting time for women. We are no longer on the outside, looking in. We are no longer underestimated for our knowledge and insight. For the first time in history, really, women are doing the work along side men and we are decision makers. We are inside and as critical to this revolution as the men we work with. It is very important to step back for a minute and appreciate this fact. Women have come such a long way, especially in the edtech industry and we need to not only continue growth, but celebrate it. 

Edtech Women

EdTechWomen is a network of women involved in education technology. The goal is to connect with each other and to strengthen women’s influence in education. Jenny Rankin, Chief Education & Research Officer of Illuminate Education, posted, “We edtech women are part of historical change in this world. We can shape edtech and our space in edtech as a place for supporting one another, a place with a positive agenda, a place for collaborating with both genders on what is best for students, a place of equality as opposed to merely cognizant equality or worse, a place where we grow, a place where our voices are not only heard but are valued and followed, and a place where we shape the future of students and this world for the better.  We edtech women are founders in this industry. Women’s voices were not heard in the Declaration of Independence, but they can be heard now in our declaration of edtech presence.”
This community of women met with huge success for the first EdTech Women Dine event at SXSW 2013, with 100 attendees. Building on that excitement, the Edtech Women community would like to broaden its’ reach with a second EdTech Women Dine event at ISTE 13! ISTE is the biggest edtech event of the year, and the connections made there change the trajectory of education. This event will be an incredible addition to the ISTE experience for the women passionate about improving education for all students.
Join us for an evening of dining and networking with other women in education technology, including a stellar group of ISTE panelists and attendees. This event will give attendees the chance to make meaningful connections and to share experiences in the industry, while enjoying some local fare with a beautiful view. The event will be held Monday, June 25th from 8:00pm to 12:00am, reservations include appetizers, dinner, dessert, and two drink tickets.
Registration is open so reserve your spot  http://edtechwomendineiste.splashthat.com/
This event is officially associated with ISTE Unplugged and has been sponsored by Getting Smart, An EstuaryEconomic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, MoodleRooms and SmartLogic.
Learn more about @EdTechWomen at www.edtechwomen.com!

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School.

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Julie Slavik

You rock, Allison! Sounds great.


Alison Anderson

Julie, you should be coming down to ISTE and attending this dinner, for sure! If not, let's host an EdTechWomen event together here in Portland this summer.

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