Obeekaybee: Online Teaching Jobs, Resources, and Edupreneurship Opportunities

By:  Marsha Myles
Obeekaybee.com is quickly gaining the attention of teachers, administrators, nationwide courseware providers and influential leaders in education.  It redefines the online teaching space and has become the go-to place for online teaching jobs, resources and opportunities for edupreneurs worldwide.
With online and blended learning on the rise, the Myles family, Co-Founders of Obeekaybee, saw a growing need for a website where teachers can showcase their qualifications to teach virtually.  Likewise, there is a growing need for vendors, districts, homeschool families, courseware providers and others in need of online teachers to have a website that is easily searchable for qualified online teachers.  These ideas led to the initial release of Obeekaybee.com in 2011 as a database of online teacher profiles.
The next phase for the Obeekaybee team was to release the BETA version of their online teaching jobs page. “Obeekaybee is trying to make it as easy as possible for teachers to find online teaching jobs and to share online teaching jobs with their fellow teachers. We have always been dedicated to bringing education and technology together,” said Obeekaybee’s Co-founder and Technical Director, Michael Myles.  The Job Postings page is a searchable database of jobs for teachers and also empowers anyone to share online teaching jobs they know about or are looking to fill.
Obeekaybee.com is creating a community for online educators who will work collaboratively and supportively.  To promote those collaborative efforts, Obeekaybee.com opened Obeekaybee Campus, a platform for edupreneurs.  Edupreneurs are the individuals who take their teaching career to the next level, want to be their own boss and have the flexibility to work at anytime and from any place.  One such teacher is Lindsay Loznak.  Lindsay has created an online version of High School level French 1 and French 2, both of which cover the equivalent coursework of a traditional classroom.  As soon as Lindsay posted these classes online, she instantly elevated herself to self-employment with the flexibility to work within her own lifestyle.  Lindsay states, “There is nothing more valuable than being able to combine two important aspects of life – work and family – and to be able to manage those on my own time in any given place.”  The same goes for students.  She goes on to say, “I believe the virtual world of education gives us the capability for both the teacher and learner to have the best of both worlds.”   Lindsay’s classes are available through Obeekaybee Campus at:  www.Obeekaybee.com.   (Lindsay’s entire interview can be viewed at:  www.obeekaybee.com/buzz)
Obeekaybee.com has a large and growing social media presence and invites you to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   Their blog called The Buzz (which you can access at www.obeekaybee.com/buzz) is also becoming a go-to place for educators who want to hear from those on the “front lines” of online learning,  The Obeekaybee LinkedIn group, “Online Teaching for K-12 Educators” has continuous “conversations” and Job Posting opportunities.  They welcome you to join in the discussions.
The Obeekaybee founders, Marsha Myles, Michael Myles and Doug Myles (“Mama Bee” and her 2 sons), are backed by more than 35 years of teaching and training, in both traditional and virtual learning environments, including teaching overseas.  All of their post-secondary degrees were achieved all, or in-part, through online learning.  Their work includes transforming delivery models in K-12 districts by defining best practices and influencing legislation to create access to anytime, anyplace, any way, any pace education.
Obeekaybee’s goal is to put the teacher at front and center and help them gain flexibility by finding online teaching jobs and showcasing their expertise and talents.  As Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.”  The Obeekaybee team is proving what hard work and dedication to an idea can accomplish.

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Tom Vander Ark

Great to have a job board for online and blended teachers. We appreciate the work EdTech Specialists has done in MI and this national contribution to online learning!

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