Infographic: How Do Professors Use Social Media?

We all know college students are using social media. Yet, how are professors and faculty members at their universities picking up on the trend? As it turns out, nearly two-thirds of faculty are using social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, etc. – each month for personal and sometimes professional uses.
As expected, younger faculty members are busier on social media than their older counterparts. While 44.7 percent use it professional, even fewer, 33.8 percent, teach with these tools. Primary teaching uses include:

  • Referencing social content
  • Reacting and responding to social content; and
  • Creating and posting new content.

With the turn to digital reading materials, open education resources (OER) and flipped classroom models, the digital distraction and other concerns around social media has taken a dip in the higher education market.
How are your classrooms using social media?
Professors & Social Media

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