Staff Picks: Edtech, Digital Learning

Tom Picks “How to Build Buzz for Your Beta”

Tom says, “Building the buzz blog was a blast–within 15 minutes of sending out an email, we had a dozen creative crowdsourced solutions from top startup CEOs.”

Karen Picks “Infographic: Growing Up With Technology”

Karen says, “There you go, it’s plain as day. This is a great infographic.”

Caroline Picks “Blended Speech Therapy: Q&A with Clay Whitehead

Caroline says, “I love the idea of bringing services like speech therapy to students no matter where they live. Blended learning is proving to be powerful for students with special needs. These students should not be limited by geographic location or school resources when it comes to their learning needs.”

Carri Picks “The Sky’s the Limit: 16 Must-Read Quotes from Michael Fullan’s Stratosphere”

Carri says, “Reading Fullan takes me back to the days in my graduate program. Leave it to an expert on change processes to master the feat of staying relevant in the field after all these years.”

Sarah Picks “Join Our Twitter Chat Friday at 9amPT/12pmET: What Should Follow the Student?”

Sarah says, “It was great to come together for a Twitter chat this week and hear more about what education leaders think about big reform topics this coming year.”

Allison Picks “Digital Technology Brings Global Collaboration Between High Schools”

Allison says, “What a great use of technology! Kudos to Jennifer Bevill & her students!”

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