Photo Courtesy of VSCHOOLZ

Virtual school provider VSCHOOLZ announced today that it is partnering with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), an educational products and services provider, to provide traditional course content online to schools or districts looking for blended learning programs.

The partnership will allow HMH to provide students with fully customizable digital courses in all subject areas. “As the demand for groundbreaking digital content continues to grow, educators around the world have been turning to HMH’s cutting-edge programs,” says Bethlam Forsa, the EVP of Global Product and Content Development for HMH.

VSCHOOLZ provides schools and districts a fully-integrated and customizable platform that teachers can adapt to fit their students’ needs. The online courses include interactive and collaborative activities, e-text, assignments, quizzes and tests.

This new approach helps to provide students with personalized instruction using digital tools to help students better learn new material. Forsa adds, “Like never before, it empowers teachers to assess an individual student and develop the strongest customized program.”


  1. “Fail fast’ — that’s the ultimate answer to the Ravitch crowd, isn’t it? 

    Charters and vouchers other options offer no magic bullets, but they do offer the probability of failing faster and smaller than one-contract-fits-all mega-districts. With the accompanying likelihood  of problem reframe.


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