NewSchools Presents Inspiring Videos From Education Entrepreneurs

NewSchools, a venture fund working to transform education by supporting entrepreneurs, kicks off a video series today featuring leading, innovative edupreneurs (education entrepreneurs) who are visionary, innovative and inspiring in demonstrating the possibilities and opportunities available in U.S. public education.
At its 2011 summit, NewSchools invited thought-leaders to share their stories about the ways they’re making a difference in education in a Story Booth. Theses inspiring videos include ideas from leaders like Sal Khan from Khan Academy, Alex Bernadotte from Beyond 12, Bill Jackson from GreatSchools, Eli Kennedy from Pacific Charter School Development, Scott Given from Unlocking Potential Schools, and Kristin Richmond and Kristen Tobey from Revolution Foods.
Today, NewSchools presents the videos “The Education Entrepreneur” and “NewSchools Presents: Sal Khan.” The videos define education entrepreneurs and identify the ways that these individuals can approach, reform and develop public education to make a difference in kids lives.

In the second video, Sal Khan discusses how he began Khan Academy by creating YouTube videos to tutor his cousins. This simple idea expanded quickly to bring the idea of everyone learning anywhere for free to classrooms and homes to empower teachers and students to learn. Khan envisions a future where students from all over the world receive an education for free.

Stay tuned in to the NewSchools Venture Fund YouTube Channel over the next month to see the videos and ideas from eduprenuers unfold. To learn more about the NewSchools Entrepreneurs, go to

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