Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is pledging to spend at least $250 million a year on school construction and design.

Not a word in the article about spending on technology in schools, which could lower the cost of school design and improvement. Will this become a part of the campaign?

His competitor in the race for Governor, Bob Ehrlich, is trying to better him one:

Ehrlich has not shied away from the issue of education, however. On the day he announced his comeback campaign in April, he called for doubling the number of charter schools in Maryland, which now stands at 42. Ehrlich visited several of those in recent weeks, including one in Baltimore on Thursday with his new running mate, former Maryland secretary of state Mary D. Kane.

Ehrlich, who authored the state’s charter schools law in 2003, has also proposed removing the veto power that local school boards have over new charters in their jurisdictions.



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