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Groovy cloud computing diagram. Where can we go with K12?

This diagram comes from a post on ReadWriteWeb about the role that cloud computing will play in science experimentation and research. Research is a huge component of science, and the daily research findings that pour into medicine, industrial design, computing, pharmaceuticals and a long list of other industries adds formatively to the development of our society. Boy, that sounded like propaganda.

All this diagram is saying is that with the multitude of web-based software and easy computer coding languages, it’s now possible to store the mainframe and data components of experiments in the cloud, to be accessible through simple web-based browsers. There. All finished. Very simple.

Point being this: Are we doing enough to prepare our young students for roles in scientific research? What if they got a hands-on experience earlier through the magic of Internet cloud computing science projects? I don’t know how this would work. I would guess that science research being what it is, you would have to wall off something from the meddlesome hands of curious 11th graders. But that being done, I am sure that there are ways to expose children to the same data, and the same techniques that the big boys are using in their labs at Cambridge and the other places of well respected scientific innovation.

No more lonely scientists tinkering with tubes and pipettes



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