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$3.5B for school improvement will benefit charters/services

This EdWeek blog is a good summary of the USED guidance $3.5B Title 1 school improvement fund. Each state will receive an allotment and will distribute it to districts that agree to enact one or more of the four prescribed strategies: · Turnaround: replacing at least…

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RttT Handicaps: CA & NY, etc

Great to have Gov Schwarzenegger late to the EdReform party, but his RttT-incentivized proposal, outlined in the LA Times, has little chance of passing the dysfunctional CA legislature. Some observers expect “the grand-daddy of fights.” But do you recall the Gov’s sensible proposal to change tenure-granting from…

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Race to the Top handicap

1. I still like Florida’s chances for RttT; mostly residual Bush reforms 2. I still like Louisiana’s chances for RttT given Pastorek’s leadership and RSD as improvement frame. 3. Colorado remains a sentimental favorite for RttT given Barb O’Brien’s leadership but improving data will be key…