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World Changers: Schools That Make a Difference with Emily Liebtag and Tom Vander Ark

Schools that value routine and compliance around facts and formulas do not yield the personal agency and leadership skills demanded by a world full of novelty and complexity. In this session, we will highlight and learn from 10+ schools that are working to empower young learners to find their purpose and determine how they might contribute to their communities. Learn lessons from leading educators and students who have found their purpose and ways to make a contribution.

Tell Your Story: Dream. Design. Deliver with Jessica Slusser, Caroline Vander Ark and Manuel Herrera

We all have a story to tell. Learning how to share and shape a narrative is a powerful tool. Our storytelling journey begins with understanding our “why” and making reflection part of our daily routine. This workshop uses design thinking to develop a personable brand for your school, organization, or self and shows the power of differentiation. You’ll finish with a new, marketable narrative and reflective growth practice. Bring your paper and pens and get ready to doodle, draw, and share!

The Power of Place

We’re so excited to share the new book The Power of Place: Authentic Learning Through Place-Based Education by Tom Vander Ark, Emily Liebtag and Nate McClennen. This book will be availabe on March 9, 2020 and is available for pre-order now!

“Dispelling the notion that place-based education is an approach limited to those who can afford it, the authors describe how schools in diverse contexts urban and rural, public and private have adopted place-based programs as a way to better engage students and attain three important goals of education: student agency, equity, and community.”


Multimedia Visibility

“We really appreciate everyone’s help on recommendations for the future of our content development and can not thank you enough for your support, effort and incredible ability to push change so quickly” – Non-profit Partner

Increased Engagement

“Thank you for all your support, both in the planning and implementation of our Symposium. Your insights and commitment to our success is greatly appreciated and you helped us provide a truly outstanding experience for those who were able to attend and even those who could not be physically present.” – Non-profit Partner

Expanding Thought Leadership

“Thanks for your guidance. I spent last week with Tom and I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate working with your team. Every one of you is totally phenomenal.” – EdTech Partner