For those with access, agency and advocates, the pandemic created greater opportunity for unbundling learning. How we rebundle and credential learning will be the next big education innovation and could create an explosion of opportunity, but also a mess that expands inequity. Facing increasing choice, increasing demand by parents, and increasing quality options, schools and communities that reframe learning to credential, credit, and count programs and experiences outside of the traditional program will thrive. 

Learners will need to be included as co-authors of their learning experiences, high school graduation requirements and transcripts will need to be redefined as demonstrated success in the skills that matter most. Learning and employment records will unlock opportunity. This campaign will explore the future of credentialing, how to define and credential skills, why it’s critical to credential experiences and a new vision for learner records. Engage in the conversation on twitter using the hashtags #Rebundling, #Unbundling, #learningecosystem.