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This podcast series on language learning features voices of EdLeaders, educators and students. The intent of the series is to highlight the ideas of language experts and great examples of language teaching and learning across the country. Getting Smart believes online language learning can be used to enhance or complement face-to-face instruction. This podcast series is sponsored by Rosetta Stone Education. See the bottom of this blog for more.

By Emily Liebtag

Convinced that you are too old to take on learning another language? Then grab your headphones and tune into this podcast as Dr. Lisa Frumkes, Senior Director of Language Learning Products at Rosetta Stone, shares how learning a language at any age can be fruitful, providing opportunities for life and career experiences that you never imagined.

Podcast Highlights

Dr. Frumkes has spent the greater part of the last three decades working studying languages. Her work ranges from designing computer-based curriculum focused on language to working at institutes of higher education.

As Lisa shares in the podcast, she sees positive progress towards incorporating language learning (dual language, world languages, etc.) in schools and districts across the country. She cites the AAAS report on America’s Languages as being a pivotal publication in recent years in support of language programs and learning. In the report, the authors articulate how language learning is a 21st-century skill and that the advancement of edtech only stands to help opportunities to learn another language – especially those in underserved communities.

Lisa, a proponent of tech because it helps create opportunities for students in districts without language teachers to have access to quality instruction, knows that while the integration of tech into language learning is definitely a positive – it should never be seen as a total replacement of teachers.

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This podcast series is sponsored by Rosetta Stone Education.Interviewees were not compensated for their participation. The Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K12 provides flexible e-learning solutions that are easily integrated with the teacher’s in-class instruction. Their solutions are designed for all proficiency levels to fit your students‘ learning needs. For more, visit Rosetta or see the Get Language Ready site.

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Emily Liebtag

Emily Liebtag, Ed.D., is Education Reimagined's Senior Partner for Systems Transformation. Formerly, Emily served as the Vice President of Advocacy at Getting Smart.

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