Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen on The Future of Smart

Key Points

  • The culture we live in is harming us. We have to make a shift to back to our personhood that allows us to feel whole.

  • This is the moment for communities to engage in conversation about whether or not schools are actually serving young people and valuing them effectively. 

  • School is the start of a journey, not the end of a journey.

This episode of the Getting Smart Podcast is sponsored by our recent publication Designing Microschools: Why Small Learning Environments is a Big Idea.

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Rebecca Midles is joined by Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen, the Chief Program Officer at Grantmakers for Education. She is also the author of The Future of Smart: How Our Education System Needs to Change to Help All Young People Thrive.

Ulcca has a career built upon learner-centered and inclusive education policies and her new book looks for ways to incorporate those human-centered approaches alongside social justice and large-scale education reform.

Let’s listen in as they discuss identity, definitions of indigenous, codification of learning and more.

“For the story I’m telling, which begins in Europe before mass global colonization, I use the term Indigenous to refer to ways of being and organizing human life before the arrival of outside religious, political and economic forces—that is, life organized by intuitive, local values.”

Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen

More Quotes from the Book and Podcast:

  • “Though I live in the United States, my perspective on education is shaped as much by placelessness as by American-ness”
  • “So often in education we focus on the ‘what we are doing’ not the ‘how we are doing’”
  • “The how is valuable in and of itself […] every moment matters”
  • “The culture we live in is harming us. We have to make a shift to back to our personhood that allows us to feel whole.”

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