Crosstown Students on Co-authoring Learning Experiences

Key Points

  • Students can get involved in their school early in the planning process and shape it from the ground up.

  • It’s all about pursuing your personal passion and understanding your identity as a person and who you want to become. 

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On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Getting Smart’s Educator in Residence Deion Jordan is joined by a few very special guests from Crosstown High in Memphis, TN — Ava, Dallas, and Vera. They are all seniors at Crosstown High school.

 For the past four years, these students have held various leadership roles and contributed greatly to the Imagineering and envisioning of their school. We will spend our time together discussing co-authorship at Crosstown High.  

This conversation was inspired by recent Getting Smart articles like this one that place an emphasis on students leading learning and co-authoring their own learning experiences. 

Let’s listen in! 

From Dallas

We would be involved and our parents would be involved in these meetings before even we knew what the school was going to look like. What kind of curriculum? Were we going to be project based? Were we gonna include competencies? What was going to be our overarching goal?


From Vera

[I was] just trying to figure out what I could do that brings my passion for musical theater to my education, since musical theater is what I want to pursue out of college. It took a lot of planning and it took a lot of ideation to try to figure out the different ways that you can incorporate the performance arts into the different levels of education


From Ava

I would say the best way to create an equitable learning environment is to just listen from a place of open mindedness and empathy.


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