Getting Smart has long been in the business of connecting people. From advocacy and advisory, to partnering with outstanding organizations, schools and districts, we truly believe that people are at the center of learning and education. 

Our Smart Sprints are a virtual workshop/cohort hybrid experience that combines synchronous and design and asynchronous learning to identify an opportunity within education and help create next steps to begin to address the opportunity. Think of it as a pre-incubator workshop to help you identify a next best step. 

These experiences are great for EdLeaders, administrators, educators, project managers, program managers — anyone looking to pressure test or hone a nascent idea.


What you’ll get out of this experience

  • Increased capacity for thinking about and implementing the chosen topic.
  • Being a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • A new family of education transformation agents, as well as a broader accountability network.
  • A solidified next step for where to implement your learnings. 
  • Resources for digging deeper on the Smart Sprint theme.


Who might want to be a part of this? 

  • People with a commitment to equity, anti-racist work.
  • People who know that just because things have always been a certain way, doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. 
  • People who believe in the framework of “Dream, Design, Deliver.” 
  • Those willing to lead from wherever they are in an organization or an institution. 
  • Learning out loud – vulnerability in sharing. 
  • Those who believe that multiple heads are better than one and that to make lasting change in education. We can’t do it alone. 
  • People who can lead when the answers are still in design.
  • People willing to commit a few hours/week to growing and learning together.

What people are saying

What our past participants loved about smart sprints.

Upcoming Smart Sprints

Bringing Your Portrait of a Graduate to Life

April 11 – 22, 2022

  • Share your PoG with your community and other edleaders
  • Identify success metrics
  • Identify a next best step
  • Discover exemplars
Building Purposeful Learning Experiences

Building Purposeful Learning Experiences

  • What purposeful learning looks like
  • Personalized learning
  • Project-based learning 
  • Place-based learning
  • Coauthoring learning journeys 
Building a Shared Vision Smart Sprint

Building a Shared Vision

  • Developing your vision
  • Developing a shared vision