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Mangahigh, a primarily teacher-led math games curriculum for K-12 students that complements face-to-face time with online study by the Blue Duck Education Ltd., offers math games, teacher tools, motivation drivers, and grade book tracking.

  • Serves K-12 students, ages 7-16
  • Best used in 1:1 environments and a rotation, blended learning model
  • Promotes personalized, customized, and motivated learning
  • Available 24/7, worldwide
  • Cost: free
  • Operates as a for-profit organization


Toby Rowland who is the former CEO of King.com, one of Europe’s largest skill gaming sites, started Mangahigh in 2008 to offer a more attractive solution for digital natives to learn mathematics. Students in many developed countries tend to resist math work when it is presented in a traditional textbook format, and challenge the necessity of learning supposedly non-essential math skills. Mangahigh’s engaging format allows teachers to sidestep these motivational issues, and move toward shaping and supporting enthusiastic student activity rather than struggling to initiate it.

Mangahigh’s aim has been to offer an engaging digital experience for students, while giving the teachers full visibility and control of their learning. This required Mangahigh to not only produce curriculum-aligned gaming content but also to develop powerful analytics tools that allow teachers to assess students and address their learning needs.

The key difference between Mangahigh and other online resources is that Mangahigh has developed substantially more sophisticated game challenges where math is the key to solving the puzzle, rather than the puzzle or game being a reward for solving the math problem. By pitching the student against the game, varying the difficulty by ability and ranking their performance, the system delivers an engaging and efficacious learning experience. Furthermore, all activity in the games, including effort and achievement, is reported to teachers.


The math games that Mangahigh provides are a genuine innovation. Mangahigh has carried out research trials around the world including the USA, UK and Australia. Trials in the USA have been conducted in South Dakota, California, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Kentucky. Following a sustained use of Mangahigh:

  • Students’ test results improved by up to 50 percent
  • 95 percent of teachers said that their students not only liked using Mangahigh, but that they could see improvement in student performance; and
  • 80 percent of students said that they learned more compared to a ‘traditionally’ taught lesson.

Learn more at Mangahigh.com.

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Updated: February 15, 2012