Student Voices of Nexus Academy of Lansing

Nexus Lansing is part of a midwest network of flex academies supported by Connections Learning. Students work at their own pace with access to teachers, a success coach, college counselor, and personal trainer. It’s definitely a school that’s worth a visit next time you’re in Lansing.

Lindsay Penny, English Teacher at Nexus Academy of Lansing, recently described that their blended model “works for GenDIY learners who are looking to take control of his/her education. Students take ownership over their learning, work at their own pace, and discover their passions.” So, Lindsay asked to her students to share what about the Nexus model works for them. Here’s what they had to say:

Adelaide Cox

After an illness, and a challenging transition from homeschooling to public school, moving from Traverse City to Lansing, and a semester off, Adelaide discovered an alternative.

Nexus allows me to learn at my own pace with the motivation to want you to finish high school. My first year at Nexus I came in as a freshman; it was supposed to be my sophomore year. As I started to work on classes I realized I was able to move faster in my school work, and that I could catch up on credits that I was missing. I finished the year with all but one sophomore credit that I took over the summer.

Culinary Arts has always been a dream of mine, and when I heard about opportunities the Capital Area Career Center offered I decided that I would get in contact with the career center to see what I could do to get myself enrolled to their Culinary Program. I was the first student for Nexus Academy of Lansing to be enrolled.

Even though this isn’t the path that most students would have chosen, I have been able to make a name for myself at the Career Center and Nexus. I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for the world.  

Elida Beeman

Elida Beeman in enroute to the 2020 Olympics for BMX and because training requires traveling, a traditional brick and mortar school didn’t work her.


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With this type of learning it helps me prepare for the near future, become self motivated, and learn how to pace myself. Since schools have been moving into newer technology I believe I am a step ahead for what is to come, considering I will probably be taking an online class in college. I am excited for what the future holds, and what challenges I will be given. I am willing to work hard to get to where I need to be. None of this would be possible without my parents, and the opportunities I have been given at Nexus Academy.

Xavier Ates

Xavier left his traditional high school setting after as he says he “allowed the actions and thoughts of others to impact my grades. I let the isolation get to me and change the perspective that I have for myself.” Before his sophomore year he enrolled at Nexus Lansing.

Nexus Academy has changed so much for me. I have high hopes for my future, and I am fighting my hardest to become successful. At 17 years old, I have completed my first novel and I am working on publication. My self-esteem has changed, and I feel that Nexus Academy has changed my views of myself, my life, and the way that I view things.

I have realized that a traditional school is not for everyone; I consider myself living proof of that you can succeed in school, as well as life, outside of a traditional school environment.

Erika Valencia

Erika has gone from public to private, private to public, public to charter, and charter back to public before arriving at Nexus Lansing. In her traditional school experience, she was penalized for working ahead. Not at Nexus.

Here, you were congratulated for doing so, and getting as much done as possible while still keeping up desired grades, was the norm.

As I moved into my final year of high school, I was faced with the option to graduate early or choose dual enrollment at a local community college. I have decided to pursue the option of dual-enrollment next year, while still attending Nexus Academy of Lansing. Being here, I now feel like I’ve found a true fit for myself. In addition, I feel prepared for the future, whatever it may throw at me. High school isn’t a one size fits all. All it takes is a little determination and anyone can take control over their own education.

The common thread between students is that each were empowered to learn because of Nexus’ flexible student-centered model. Coupled with a healthy learning environment with support from educators and advisors, and access to high quality content, Nexus Lansing is an example of a school that is empowering students to pave their own unique path.

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