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Personalized Learning

Why Making Meaning Matters for Student Ownership

As a teacher of both teachers and administrators I do not want to settle for a shadow of learning. I want the real deal. My hope is that my students will get deep satisfaction and sense of pride as they learn.

Personalized Learning

8 Ways To Encourage Soft Skills (Core Dispositions) in our Children

Parents and teachers alike agree personal growth and development matters, but these qualities still seem intangible, subjective, and hard to see and measure. The very term ‘soft skills’ sounds pretty fluffy and doesn’t command the sense of importance it deserves. So how might we, as parents, highlight and nurture these core dispositions in our children?


Carpe ISTE: Sessions, Socializing, and The Food Scene

With more than 1,000 official sessions and countless events and opportunities to meet up at ISTE 2015, you will experience FOMO (fear of missing out), but resist the urge to overload your schedule. Here's the session you need to get to, the best networking opportunities, and the places you must try while in Philly.