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Tom Vander Ark is author of Better Together, Smart Parents, Smart Cities and Getting Smart. He is co-founder of Getting Smart and Learn Capital and serves on the boards of 4.0 Schools, eduInnovation, Digital Learning Institute, Imagination Foundation and Education Board Partners. Follow Tom on Twitter, @tvanderark.

Learning Environments for the Future: 4 Tips from Randy Fielding

Randy Fielding, the founder of Fielding Nair International, a global leader in designing learning communities, sits down with Tom and shares some of FNI's design principles aligned to the future of learning.

Trade Unions Pave Pathways to Good Jobs

ASU GSV 2019 provided bold announcements on the path towards the intersection between the future of learning and work. Tom highlights two career pathway programs that will connect students to industry partners that support the transition between high school and post-secondary life.

Canvas Adds Assessment Tools, Wants to Help End The Big Test

In April, Instructure acquired MasteryConnect, a leader in formative assessment. Tom explains why this may mark the beginning of the end of standardized testing.

How $5 Billion Could Provide a Great Education for Every Kid on Earth

From developing more early college high schools to supporting the development and expansion of innovative platform networks, learn more as Tom outlines a plan using 15 investment and strategy opportunities, totaling $5 billion, to provide a great education for every child.

Minerva’s Innovative Platform Makes High Quality Higher Ed Personal and Affordable

Minerva shares that its Forum platform, which supports real-time, synchronous seminars, will be available to other programs and serve up to 400 students simultaneously. With the intent of forming partnerships, Minerva is driven to support new pathways to earn a degree and certification.

Contribution: Schools Alive with Possibility

Tom Vander Ark discusses the importance of schools providing a focus on contribution through challenges and design thinking. Students have the power to address real-world problems as they embrace complexities associated with the future of work and contribute to their community.

AI Family Challenge Introduces Artificial Intelligence, Encourages Problem Solving

With the desire to empower underrepresented youth through STEM learning, Tara Chklovski launched nonprofit Iridescent. This led to the launch of a global competition, Technovation and AI Family Challenge where families learn about AI and use it to solve a problem in their community