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Future of Learning

Complexity: Fall 2021 Edition  

Do we have a shot at showing what accountability looks like in learning? Tom shares the complexities to consider this fall that will have implications on the future of learning for all.

Equity & Access

Students as Coauthors of Learning: A Resources Guide

By inviting learners to coauthor experiences we help them build the most important skills and dispositions they’ll need to succeed in a changing world. Tom shares coauthoring resources for project-based learning, teacher tools and competencies, a list of systems that are best in class.

Future of Learning

Rating the Value of Higher Education

There is a new way to think about the contribution of higher education--both for individuals and communities. Tom explores how equitable value can serve a higher purpose, particularly for underrepresented groups.

Future of Learning

The Rise of Skills-Based Hiring And What it Means for Education

The pandemic broke some old conventions and accelerated other trends. One convention that, for many tech employers, fell by the wayside was requiring degrees for every position. A trend that accelerated during the pandemic was skills-based hiring. For decades, degree requirements have been added to more and more jobs. The…