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Competency-Based Education

Getting Students to Take Control

Getting students to “buy-in” and take control of their learning starts with seeing them as individuals and understanding each of them has different motives, beliefs and goals. Here are a few ideas to consider to help them start.

Project-Based Learning

A Year in Review: High-Quality Project Based Learning

As we look back, it is evident that project-based learning not only increases student engagement, it helps students develop academic and social and emotional skills for life and careers. Over the year, we visited 8 schools where students are having HQPBL experiences, here is what we discovered.

STEM & Maker

Computer Science and the Hour of Code

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will be 1.4 million computing jobs but only 400,000 computer-science graduates with the skills to fill them. Looking toward a future of work that includes automation, artificial intelligence and programming, there is no better time to introduce coding to your students.