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Personalized Learning

Hacking Your Learning Path

To help students hack their learning paths, we will need to help them build a learning infrastructure and teach them how to manage their own learning.


LinkedIn at 14

Ultimately, a portfolio system should showcase a person's work and that showcasing should in turn help that person advance and achieve his or her goals. If that's the case, why not LinkedIn for students?

Personalized Learning

Fiber Made the Video Star

Video editing skills will no longer be the sole purview of AV departments. That would be like having a Pencil and Paper Department now for whenever students have the need to write something. Video skills will be an essential part of all communications. The video tools are free and ubiquitous, and bandwidth will no longer be a problem.

Personalized Learning

Creating A Classroom Marketplace

A marketplace gets artifacts . . . “things” . . . into the hands of people who need them and rewards the people who create them. The Classroom Marketplace works the same way, and it prepares students to reap the benefits of real-world marketplaces.