Keys to Success for Formative Assessment: A Professional Learning Guide

Download the “Formative Assessment: Keys to Success” Practitioner Guide

We recently shared a printable guide on the student role in formative assessment, which emphasized the importance of students becoming active agents in the learning process. The same can be said for the importance of encouraging practitioners to be agents in their own professional learning journeys and their practice of formative assessment.

In order for formative assessment to be effective, several conditions must be met by and for practitioners. For example, practicing formative assessment requires understanding that it is a process, and not an event.

Further, formative assessment is best practiced where there is a long-term commitment to supporting implementation. Such commitment is often reflected in the provision of and supports for professional learning for teachers, principals and district leaders.

Thanks to the How I Know: Designing Meaningful Formative Assessment Practice project, an initiative of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, resources to help teachers and students are being made publicly available both here and on the How I Know website. The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation recognizes that this is a transformative process that involves looking at culture, teaching, learning and professional practice.

The How I Know Practitioner Guide “Formative Assessment: Keys to Success” outlines keys for practitioners. This has been designed as a tool to enhance formative assessment in a friendly format for easy sharing and printing.

Download Here

The content is adapted from Necessary Conditions for Successful Implementation of Formative Assessment, authored by Margaret Heritage, Nancy Gerzon and Marie Mancuso of WestEd.

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation invites all to join in the journey to understand how students know and to visit the project website, which you can check out by clicking the image below:

 For more, see:

This post is a part of a series focused on the “How I Know: Designing Meaningful Formative Assessment” initiative sponsored by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. See the How I Know website ( and join the conversation on Twitter using #HowIKnow or #Formative Assessment.

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