10 EdTech Resource Lists for Teachers

By Jessica Carrell

Having worked as a teacher for years, I am impressed by how rapidly technology is changing classroom teaching and learning experience.

Countless EdTech tools have been created to make educators’ lives easier, and I’m excited to see the even more innovative and intelligent products that will be developed, even as soon as in the next year.

For example, last year EdTech Magazine reviewed a few trends like Virtual Reality (VR), 3D printing and wearable devices that could affect classrooms in both K–12 and higher education—and in reality it’s already happening.

However two things surprise me while browsing the internet looking for resources:

  1. I can’t find many practical EdTech resource lists for teachers.
  2. Many of the tools and resources out there are often outdated.

So I decided to create my own list. Here is a helpful collection of resources I created for other teachers to reference when looking for recommendations around the following:

EdTech Blogs: Follow like-minded peers who share their thoughts about EdTech and continue to be sources of inspiration for us all.

EdTech Books: Read some of the greatest books related to EdTech and education in general.

Events & Conferences: Attend these upcoming events (including these can’t missed edu conferences) to keep up with the latest EdTech trends and new classroom innovations.

Forums, Q&A Websites: Network with other teachers by posting questions and helping others in the world’s best yet active forums and Q&A sites.

  • Quora – the most popular question-and-answer website.
  • Reddit – a supportive community for teachers.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums – for teachers to interact and share ideas about education.
  • ProTeacher – a community of school teachers working in grades PreK-8.

Mobile Apps: Get a list of handy apps to boost your productivity, all recommended by teachers.

Online Teaching Platforms: Take courses online by leveraging popular technology platforms.

Social Media Communities: Join interactive EdTech social media groups and communities and stay connected with other teachers.

Software & Web Tools: Find the tools you can use to make teaching more effective and efficient.

Videos & Podcasts: Subscribe to these great YouTube and podcast channels and be inspired by industry experts.

Other Useful Resources: A list of miscellaneous useful resources for teachers.

I hope you find these links helpful. You can also find this full resource guide here. If you come across an article that you think should be featured, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

For more, see:

Jessica Carrell is a teacher and co-founder at AnySoftwareTools. Follow her on Twitter: @jessicacarrell1.

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