Getting Smart team member Bonnie Lathram sat down to interview David Ross, new CEO of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21). David and Bonnie chatted about how this is the golden age for project-based learning and how this connects to the importance of social and emotional learning.

David and Bonnie also bonded over a shared interest in global education, and David discussed P21’s new initiatives in the global education sector.

David is a member of the advisory team to support high-quality project-based learning (PBL), an initiative of thought leaders across the sector to promote and support high-quality project-based learning. Bonnie and David also touched upon topics such as artificial intelligence, parenting and the growing importance of lifelong learning for skill development (and happiness).

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For more on the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, follow them on Twitter at @P21Learning and on Facebook and at their website, David Ross the new CEO of P21 is on Twitter @DavidPBLRoss.

To learn more about the Getting Smart initiatives related to 21st Century Learning discussed on this podcast, see #PBL and #ProjectBased.

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