EdTech 10: Today’s Word is “Capacity”

Capacity (noun): “the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.”

As we reviewed this week’s top ten list, the word “capacity” came to mind. We’re encouraged by the number of people, organizations, institutions and companies that are working hard to build the capacity of teachers, leaders and students to “do, experience and understand.”
Check out this week’s list for evidence of leaders who are working to build the capacity of their staff, powerful partnerships aimed at building leadership capacity, professional learning opportunities for teachers to build their own capacity and so much more.

Blended Schools & Tools

1. New School Design Guide

On attainment vs innovation in new school development:

For more, checkout 100 Tips & Insights for Opening Great New Schools
2. Chromebook Craze

We’ve been watching this trend for awhile and discuss the reasons why Chromebooks are so popular in schools.

Digital Developments

3. EdLeader MOOC

Here are Five Ways Participants Get Value From Professional Learning MOOCs
4“Learning Makes Us”


5. Mr. Roboto

For more on how smart machines are bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. see Batch of One, part of our #AskAboutAI series. Other recent posts discuss Smart Transportation and Talking to Kids About AI.

Smart Planet

6. $71M For Global Ed

Check out our recent series with VIF International Education about Getting Smart on Global Education and Equity.

Policy Pieces

7. Capacity for #PLearning

8. Tipping Point

9. Florida Goes Bottoms Up

For more on state shifts to competency-based education, check out this new video from ExcelinEd featuring Karla Phillips, co-author with our own Carri Schneider of Policy, Pilots and the Path to Competency-Based Education.

Teachers & Tech-ers

10. Helping Teachers Thrive

For more, see:

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