Innovations in learning–new tools and learning environments–are spreading access and opportunity worldwide.

We study those innovations to understand the path forward. We construct advocacy campaigns that leverage the power of storytelling to inform and inspire action.

By framing emerging issues, engaging experts and stakeholders, and using multiple media channels, we build support and mobilize change.

Following are some of our recent, current and planned thought leadership campaigns:

  • The #GenDIY series encourages young people to make informed postsecondary decisions. It is sponsored by Albertson Foundation and will result in a microsite this fall.
  • Last year, we ran a Nellie Mae sponsored #SmartParents campaign to help inform the exploding number of learning decisions that learners and parents are called to make. We received more than 100 blogs from 70 contributors on and The Huffington Post.
  • With support from Carnegie, we outlined seven keys to learning ecosystems in #SmartCitiesThe series included over 60 contributions, featured 30 cities, and included day long workshops in 10 cities.
  • The #SmartPlanet series highlights innovations that are expanding access to learning opportunities in the developing world–particularly Africa.
  • This fall we’ll run the reader favorite #SmartList series highlighting schools, tools and organizations making a difference.

Let’s build a campaign together to improve things for learners and teachers!

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