Lewis McCaleb is a senior at High School for the Recording Arts in Minneapolis. As a keynote speaker at this year’s Deeper Learning conference, Lewis, a musician, performed a song and spoke about the role educators can play in shaping young people’s lives.

In the Getting Smart podcast featuring voices from the Deeper Learning conference, Lewis, a young African American man, is featured first, framing the discussion of deeper learning around the impact educators can have on students’ lives. Trust. Equity. Justice. Relationships. Rigor. High Expectations. Love. We cover all of this and more with Lewis and other guests of the podcast, including educators from EL Education, University of San Diego’s Mobile Technology Learning Center, and El Paso Independent School District.

The themes of this year’s conference were equity and deeper learning AND entry points to deeper learning. Mark your calendars! Next year’s conference is already set for San Diego: March 29-31st. Sign up for the newsletter to stay in the know.

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