You Might Be In the Shift to Digital…

Digital learning is making the future bright for education by creating opportunities to improve the learning experiences for students and teachers.

In a recent webinar with Pearson, Tom Vander Ark shared the 10 benefits of making the shift to digital learning. Also, in our most recently published podcast, you get to hear a conversation between Mickey Revenaugh, co-founder at Connections Education and Director of New School Models for Pearson and Tom that shares their predictions for the future, current observations and hopes for the path forward.

There’s a few telltale signs that you’re making the shift to digital. In the post below previously published on the Pearson blog, Mickey shares 5 signs you’re on your way to personalizing learning for students.

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Mickey Revenaugh

Having grown up in a place that’s proud of its scrappy country roots – Bakersfield, California, home of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard – I get a big kick every time I hear the classic Jeff Foxworthy routine, “You might be a redneck if…” You know the one – it includes gems like “your lifetime goal is to own your own fireworks stand” and “you sell rabbits out of your car.”

Foxworthy’s routine has been adapted nine ways to Sunday (to use a redneck phrase), including “You might be a New Yorker if…” and “You might be a teacher if…” So I was thinking about it while I was pondering the shift to digital learning, and all the ways we can see around us that the shift is underway.

So with thanks to Jeff Foxworthy, here are a few telltale signs that you might be in the shift to digital. (For many more and helpful tips to go along with them, checkout the National Distance Learning Week webinar, 10 Signs That the Shift to Digital Is Underway – and 5 Ways to Get Ahead of the Curve, on Thursday, November 12 at 1:00 PM EST. Learn more and register.)

You might be in the shift to digital if:

  1. You have forgotten that “BYO” used to be about the hootch you brought to parties, not the devices your students pack to school.
  1. You’ve suffered through at least one high-profile breakup…with a content provider. (Like the one who guaranteed your students would master the pythagorean theorem via their cell phones…)
  1. You’d gladly trade half the lockers in your school for another four electrical outlets per classroom.
  1. You have at least one teacher training session per year on “how to avoid copyright infringement.”
  1. You live in mortal fear of a power outage or – even worse – a bandwidth failure.

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