EdTech 10: When Working Together Works

Now that we are waist deep in back to school season, it came as no surprise when this week’s news was focused on leadership opportunities, support for strategies and models, insights into trends and perspectives, and advances in platform integration — Or, more simply, news that revolved around working together to get things done.

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Blended Schools & Tools

Higher Evidence. Developed by HigherEd leaders ASU, is a new research report that shares how integrated Odysseyware models and strategies with LMS’ have lead to increased student achievement and engagement. In the coming year don’t be surprised to see similar support for content providers and supports for next-gen learning platforms.

Sights set on Cite. Pearson is accepting proposals for the 2016 Cite Online Learning Conference in Amelia Island, FL from now until September 25. Not convinced you want to submit? Check out the highlights from last year — it might make you change your mind.  

Digital Developments

Smart Cities. It’s going to be a busy week at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with visitors Pope Francis and Xi Jinping, the President of China. Amidst this, the White House announced a new initiative to boost research, development and deployment of strategies to support cities and connectivity. With this “Smart Cities” campaign we think it’s time to send a copy of Smart Cities That Work for Everyone.

Build capacity, eliminating barriers. Andrew Marcinek has been appointed to serve in the Office of EdTech. This is the first-ever hiring that will focus on expanding schools’ access to high-quality OERs. In a blog this week we shared how like OERs, SAS Curriculum Pathways, Getting Smart Advocacy Partner, believes that eliminating barriers increases accessibility to high-quality education.  

Dollars & Deals

Platform boost. On the heels of the publication of The Prize, Mark Zuckerberg has committed $5 million to MasteryConnect. It’s safe to say that MasteryConnect has made the lead from viral assessment tool to classroom game changer.

Higher, Deeper, Further, Faster Learning

Going global. The Global Goals campaign and UNICEF launched the World’s Largest Lesson initiative with 17 goals to change the world by 2030. Here are 20 categories where we see big opportunities for global change.

Policy Pieces

Eye on The Hill. With the Federal Government en route to another potential shutdown, this time over women’s rights, now more so than ever it’s important to understand the perspectives and insights of elected officials, especially when it comes to EdPolicy. Whiteboard Advisors provides an in depth look at national education policy trends, debates, and issues with their Education Insider: Back-to-School Edition.  

Let’s Get Personalized

Microschools, macro impact. Scott Benson, who supported in shaping 25 Impact Opportunities in US K-12 and a leader in supporting NewSchools Catapult, penned a blog that shares the opportunities and challenges with creating and sustaining microschools. In a recent Bright blog on Medium we talked with Matt Chandler from 4.0 Schools where we dove into how microschools are fostering cultures of experimentation.

Back to school with new schools. CompetencyWorks, an initiative of iNACOL,Getting Smart Advocacy Partner, highlighted five new, mastery-based Opportunity by Design high schools who are opening their doors this fall. Looking for back to school resources, lessons and tips? Check these out.  

Submissions for supports students deserve. The Alliance for Excellent Education is pleased to announce the 2015-16 call for submissions for models of secondary school success — with an emphasis on schools that support low-income students. AdvancePath Academics has our vote.

The Big “D”

We called it. IMS Global Learning Consortium announced the creation of the K-12 Open Tech Ecosystem Initiative with the support of leading suppliers and districts to create an interoperable ecosystem of educational apps, digital resources and learning platforms to make it easier for schools to access preferred applications, content and resources without custom integrations. Last year we called it, alongside six other problems, that issues surrounding data integration would be addressed.

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