Benefits of blended and online learning opportunities include increased student engagement and access to tools that support quality work products. A personalized approach provides students ownership of the learning experience, flexibility in path, and opportunities to progress at an individual pace. Schools and districts are now offering blended and online learning programs, and some are doing so at scale.

This infographic, “Powerful Partnerships to Boost Personalized Learning,” outlines the key lessons from programs which have successfully scaled their online and blended learning opportunities. From simplifying the teacher and student user experience to cultivating leadership, the infographic displays the lessons learned and features a framework for thinking about scaling the personalized learning experience.

For more information, see How to Successfully Scale Personalized Learning: Six Key Lessons from Effective Programs by Fuel Education™ in partnership with Getting Smart®.




  1. We are an online special education service provider from Karachi, Pakistan. We offer services to special children requiring speech therapy, remedial therapy, occupation therapy and behavior therapy.

    Our experience also show us that online model can help in saving time and cost of parents, and can be even more effective when it comes to one to one counselling of either parent or child with good voice quality and less distraction from students who might be present in a physical setting.


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