3 Smart Twitter Chats for Connected Educators Month

October. School is in full swing, fall is officially here and it’s finally Connected Educators Month! Launched originally as part of the Connected Educators Initiative in 2012, #CE14 is a 31 day celebration of the ways educators engage online to learn and improve instruction. In the spirit of ASCD’s theme of Educator Professional Development & Learning, Getting Smart will be hosting three Twitter chats, focusing on skills, knowledge and resources necessary for connected educators.
@Getting_Smart will facilitate all three chats beginning at 1 p.m. PT/ 4 p.m. ET. Join in discussion and collaboration with #SmartCE as we explore the many ways that educators get smart by staying connected.

The 2014 Getting Smart Connected Educators Month Twitter Chats

Getting Smart on Social Media | Highlights from the Oct. 8 chat on Storify
Top down, hierarchical communication is long gone. Traditional communication efforts have been replaced with social media strategies, tools, and diction. In today’s digital-social environment, it’s vital for educators to be informed in new tools and instruction techniques that have immediate impact in the classroom. Join the conversation with #SmartCE.
Smart Cities: Talent Development | Highlights from the Oct. 15 chat on Storify
Today’s jobs are different, and this includes educators. As students benefit from innovative education opportunities like blended, deeper, and project-based learning, educators should too. Smart Cities That Work for Everyone highlights seven keys that are crucial to educating and employing citizens. Join us in exploring one of the most fundamental keys: Talent Development by using and following #SmartCE.
TwitPic Your Connection Tools
Keeping up to date on new teaching tools and techniques is essential to each educator’s ongoing development. This is your time to tweet photos and screenshots of the tools you use to “stay connected.” Join Getting Smart Staff and Teacher Bloggers as we share the tools we use to keep our finger on the pulse.
When: Oct. 22 – All Day!
In addition to the Twitter chats, throughout the entire month of October we are curating a list of the top hashtags for connected educators. Last year, Getting Smart staff produced a list of our top 50. For 2014, we want you to share the hashtags you use to stay connected, engaged and smart in all things EdTech. Tweet us today using #SmartCE!

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