Getting Smart on Big History Project

Getting Smart on Big History Project
Authored by Bonnie Lathram & Tom Vander Ark
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In partnership with: Big History Project
Big History Project (BHP) is a free, online, open source curriculum featuring units of study from 13.8 billion years in the past until today. BHP seeks to expand our knowledge of history, the natural sciences, and the impact humans have had on the universe. Big History has engaging videos, animations, articles/texts, infographics, and classroom activities for middle and high school students. Big History is deployed in a variety of ways, in world history and science classes, and/or block integrated classes.
“Getting Smart on Big History Project” features a collection of articles about Big History Project, including deployment methods, professional development opportunities, and best practices. Included in the collection is a video-embedded Google Hangout with Tom Vander Ark and two Big History Project educators. The collection also highlights other rich content tools and online platforms for an inquiry-based classroom. Download the collection and join us as ponder and explore: Why do we teach the history of mankind and leave out most of the 13.8 billion year history of the universe? Why do we separate natural history from world history when they are so related? and, how have science and math influenced human history?

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This Smart Bundle was published in partnership with Big History Project. Big History Project is a joint effort between teachers, scholars, scientists, and their supporters. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge for learners around the world. In addition to developing a full curriculum for high school students, this course is designed for curious members of the public who are seeking answers to big questions about the history of our Universe and the origin of our species.

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