Getting Smart On Blending Middle Grade Math

A new bundle of blog posts, sponsored by The Nellie Mae Education Foundation in partnership with Getting Smart, titled “Getting Smart on Blending Middle Grade Math,” was released today. The collections outlines student-centered approaches to learning in blended math. The Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s vision offers four tenets to describe student-centered learning.
The four tenets are:

  • Learning is Personalized;
  • Learning is Competency-Based;
  • Learning Happens Anytime, Anywhere;
  • Students Take Ownership Over Their Learning.

These tenets are essential for Deeper Learning and for high levels of student engagement in any content or subject matter.
BlendedMath Bundle TOCGetting Smart on Blending Middle Grade Math” highlights best practices as well as leaders in the field such as DreamBox Learning, Khan Academy, and KIPP schools as they foster blended approaches in teaching math to middle school students.
With contributions from Jason Zimba, co-author of the Common Core State Standards in Math, and DreamBox Learning’s Tim Hudson, and Getting Smart’s Tom Vander Ark, this collection provides best practices for increasing student engagement, building persistence, supporting the transition to more independent educational experiences, and preparing for future success in math.
Download your copy now! As you read the bundle, share your feedback, thoughts and contributions using #SmartBundle and #BlendedMath across all the social media platforms.
Sponsorship. For information on sponsoring a bundle visit our Smart Bundle Library  and contact Carri Schneider.
This bundle was published in partnership with The Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF). NMEF works with schools to implement the principles of student-centered learning—learning that is personalized, engaging, competency-based and happens anytime, anywhere. We’re helping schools strengthen what is working and substantially update and improve policies and practices that are outdated.
DreamBox Learning, Scholastic, The Learning Accelerator, and MIND Research are Getting Smart Advocacy Partners.

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