Pin for Math Awareness: 10 Math Pinterest Boards to Follow

I turn to pinterest in order to plan my next meal, to identify the next 100 activities I plan to do with my kid, to build my unrealistic dreamhouse, and to fix just about anything that needs fixing, but in April, I turn to the social media site to help build math awareness. Whether you are a math expert, a teacher, a parent, or anything in-between, check out these 10 boards to see how pinterest has helped create a new way to engage in mathematics. Happy Math Awareness Month!

Elementary/Early Education Activities

  1. Anytime is learning time – from PBS

  1. Do the Math from – K12

  1. Math is Fun – from No Time for Flash Cards

  1. Math Activities for Kids – from Holly Homer (Kids Activity Blog)

  1. Math @ Scholastic – by Scholastic

    1. For an added bonus, follow their Top Teaching: Teaching with Technology board

Middle/High School Resources

  1. Geometry – from Math Teacher

  1. Math IdeasHigh School – from Cindy Murphy

K – 12 Activities and Resources

  1. Math – from CompassLearning  (if you are as big of a Ryan Gosling fan as I am, you should also probably stop by their common core board).

  1. Bedtime Math Problems – from Bedtime Math

  1. Math tech – from Adrianne Miller

In honor of Math Awareness Month, we’ve started a math focused pinterest board of our own. You can bet that we will be following these pinners, and if there is any other boards that we should add to the list, let us know! Tweet us @Getting_Smart with the hashtag #SmartMath. Happy Pinning!

Scholastic, CompassLearning, and K12 are Getting Smart Advocacy Partners.

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