RenzulliLearning for Personalized and Deeper Learning Paths

We recently had the chance to be introduced to RenzulliLearning–  a unique strength and interest assessment from CompassLearning. Unlike a single content provider, Renzulli engages students by utilizing their personal strengths and interests, while still aligned to state and Common Core standards. Renzulli allows students to engage in online learning and projects that are personalized to their own learning styles. The Renzulli platform helps teachers identify student learning profiles quickly, so they have more face to face time with their students.

Creating a personal learning profile for students is very easy with the profiler tool. There are profiler tools for all grade levels that allow teachers to find out how each student learns, their interest and their preferred presentation styles. Students work through a series of questions that gauge their preferences in many different areas and show the teacher how they feel about a wide variety of subjects. The profiler identifies student styles and recommends a series of enrichment activities- anywhere from virtual field trips to videos and many other online learning activities.

The suggested online content relates directly to each students’ interest. The material and learning activities provide resources for developing students reasoning and critical thinking skills. This is more than just a prescribed curriculum. Students are interacting with content that taps into their needs and connects with their inner sense of motivation. By eliciting that connection, students can engage in deeper learning.

In the teacher dashboard, there are additional tools to help teachers differentiate instruction. From there, the teacher can see an individual profile of each student- noting their interests and learning styles. With the differentiate engine, teachers can create lessons for their entire class along with customized activities that meet the individual student interests. Teachers can assign specific learning paths for students – so that they can all be working on the same general subject and learning goals, but the activities that get them there are tailored to their unique interests and styles.

The US Department of Ed found that there were 5 main characteristics that were common among high achieving, innovative magnet schools. Thriving magnet schools:

  1. promote equality,

  2. innovate for excellence,

  3. forge community partnerships,

  4. design rigorous and academic programs, and

  5. build a culture of high quality teaching.

With RenzulliLearning, teachers have the ability to provide this same “magnet school” like environment in any classroom- reaching individual students and providing them personalized learning pathways in a blended learning setting.

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