Deeper Learning for Every Student Every Day

Deeper Learning for Every Student Every Day
Authored by: Carri Schneider, Tom Vander Ark
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This paper is dedicated to dispelling the myths around Deeper Learning and showing it can happen anywhere with any students and all teachers. “Deeper Learning for Every Student Every Day” includes 20 school profiles, with each school profile offering advice and best practices of how they’ve created a Deeper Learning culture for their students and teachers.
These examples illustrate that Deeper Learning for every student is possible. Personalized, blended and Project-Based Learning are key strategies for promoting Deeper Learning. This paper also takes on common misconceptions – namely that Deeper Learning costs more, requires superstar teachers and is only for high performing schools and communities with a history of high rates of college attendance. We hope that this project is seen as another step in bringing Deeper Learning to every student and that it offers something for policymakers who are looking to create space for Deeper Learning to thrive.

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